🦋🦋Letting it Go🦋🦋

Enchanting the paths of this beauty what we call “Life”.

Endless thoughts of bountiful memories and sorrows

Making it way for more to come and pave way to cross these bubbles

Cursing and loving at the same time and making it best again to relive

Standing amidst the chills and thrills what this Life has bestowed

Firm with the lines of living it through will all the hustles this beauty will put through.

Tossing through these hurdles and yet standing strong.

Letting go a part of it yet keeping the major one alive.

Loving, sharing, caring and handling with the senses of this Let Go.

All about this Beauty is Letting it go❤️

🦋🦋All about this beauty is Letting it Go 🦋

To the man of WORDS AND RESPECT 🌿

🙏Magician of my life🙏

You behold the position that nobody holds.

Strengthening the entire family with your love.

You have instilled in us the power of truth.

To the man who never left his path of spectacular world.

You showed us the how simple living is the essence of life.

You made us the armour of every correct aspect.

You behold the position that nobody holds.

Guiding everyone with your penultimate knowledge and amazing sense of humour.

You have outshine us in every sphere and made sure that this legacy stays on for long.

You outdrew all the authentic versions and beat with best of it.

To the man who believed in himself above all.

You have showed that even with tiniest of things you can reach pinnacles of infinity.

You behold the position that nobody holds.

Soul of pure heart with a tinch of anger on the outset.

You never failed to be the eldest and the caring for all.

To the man who always made sure that whatever time you have spend with your loved ones.

You have showed that with compassion and hard work any knock on the shore can be passed.

You behold the position that nobody holds.

Every inch of this writer in me wanted to just embark the tale of journey spent with your guidance.



Qyarantine Life
Unusual mornings came by and left us all shocked
While running through the normal lives, everything seemed to just stop by with a pause of uncertainity;
People just thundered and mascaraed their inner thoughts;
What was coming next of which no one was aware;
All over the world this darkness was shadowed wherein people were just daunting to see the ray of light once again.
It started all the day when things started worsening and people were asked to stay inside to have their own safety;
Deep inside things started shattering still people kept their will-power strong;
Everyday with a thought that things will fall in place and once again we will be united;
Days and nights just seemed be same followed by the same routine where only Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar was our backbone;
Video calls were the only lifeline which kept families altogether united especially for the once who were far away from their loved one’s while others chatted whole day long with their family;
Quarantined life definitely brought families together with a tagline ‘Nothing is better than being home”.
Many lessons are being taught but this gave a major blow that you can live how much ever you want but circumstances like these assures that nothing is certain;
Every day with a thought that what is going to be poured next in this quarantined life;
Days and nights were turning with a hope that one last time if we could retrieve those days back where everything was alright;
Just those normal walks, walking on the streets , eating those gol-gappas, those foodgasm, those long drives, those trips which were planned;
People long for things to go back to normal. They are longing for their workstation, their routine, their markers and everything they have desired since time;
That life is persistent and relentless ….That uncertainty is the only constant left.
And a thought again when will it be all perfect and what is going to be poured next in this quarantined life again.
Life In One Shot!

50 shades of our dwellings Crime Partner

To my Forever Crime Partner,

After so many years of spending every inch of our life together there was no way my blog would remain empty without the essence of my life : Crime Partner.

Our crazy sisterhood extends or rather comprehends way beyond growing up under the same roof, having same family blood running in our veins, covers the entirety of insane bunch put together and fortunately born in the same era.

Relishing the moments we have spent together my memory lane goes back to our first day of school which i am pretty sure you would have just taken it a back.. let’s take a ride of our crazy days.

You’re a  soulmate which every person desires to be with and this title Crime Partner you’ve earned since childhood and tied to each other forever.

You have stood like a shield and protected me despite all the distance this world could between us and for sure even if i would go miles to search for any replacement there would be none for all the bonding moments and inside jokes we have vouched.

Standing firm as a support system and an upholder for whom i thought will never be matured one; You surely are a masterpiece in it.

Trembling over the memory lane that right from Day 1 of our togetherness we made sure that no one ever try to come over us may it be life or our schooling.

Remember the day when one of our senior just tried to strangle and i couldn’t stand by it making sure that I would probably end up killing that lady.

Reliving those day when you and I just sat together by the terrace and all we could just think was about our days when we both would be apart in different cities, celebrating new years eve without having each other and much more.

Trolling down to those scariest of all thoughts to living without each other to make promises under the sky that may what happen we will stand by each other living our dreamy days for sure.

Everything was so soothing when we both use to just goof ourselves under a blanket and plan each others wedding and as to who will be “Our Bali ka bakra” to getting married first.

All the stupid games which we played our still my favourite childhood suction memories. From sharing our Barbie dolls to all the toys together, from telling about our first crush to planning our first dates with our first boyfriends , to solving each others blaming games and breakup stories, we have a come  along way together.

You have been my ultimate support system and end goal whom i always secretly admired to look upon and made sure that you end up being my utter favourite, you have surely been a masterpiece at it too.

Oh my God! How can i forget those days when you surely have been too nosy in my life but to be frank those became my addictions and utter commencements of life.

Pondering over the things in my life I always wonder how you end up being an investigating agent of my life happenings from looking about my boys to literally my depressed phases , you surely feared how I would be shattered if you weren’t being one.

Tears just roll down thinking how far we’ve come along being a happy mess of each other and trust me this mess keeps me going all time thinking about our old faces also in this beautiful happy go mess.

The way you always joke around and your hippie soul pouring in all the love at me brings me in the inner strength of loving life to the core.

On the contrast handling you on the days when you just got depressed over littlest of things and turning down your zeal of never going to happen, just wanted to be there with you for making sure you overcome them.

An epitome of Living life at your own terms and killing it with earning at any cost is something that very few arrive their conclusion at; you are surely a masterpiece in it.

Just flashing those days when I use to reach my 7th crowd’ you always made sure to keep me grounded and bring me back on the Earth.

I still remember the day when my phone just blinked with message being popped” Voice message from Puru the Great” and me out of excitement all I wanted was to hear that message and you won’t believe that still owns my heart with thousands of pictures just flashing by.


From celebrating all the festivals, birthdays and every shit of our lives together and to ending up two different parts of the nation with  a completely different zone we’ve come a long way.

You have always acted like my alter ego in every beam though being jealous of each other to loving each other to the core.

We have been copycats of each other throughout our journey which we will surely be in future too. From wearing the same dresses to ending up going to same school; From reading those same old books and making sure solving those mathematical problems; From eating the same cuisine at our favourite adda to getting kicked out together life happened to us.

You’ve been a mini mom and a mean moron horror story of my life. A limited edition like is very rare and can be understood by another edition only which is none other than me: A typical book can be written on the stories we have shared.

“Out of whole lot of confessions few surely needs to be here: I miss our pillow fights when you were on the other end, how shamelessly we grooved and grind to our favourite songs behind closed doors, and how we cried for hours together when something major happened and how till date we still manage to trade our secrets and crack deals to save our asses.”

To be honest together we are just mystery girls that no one can ever try to encroach upon. We are just the madness of being  fan girls fainting to meet our dream boys to the ghost busters with a blanket being our weapon of choice.

Let me put it emphatically this way that together we will laugh with our crooked teeth and sitting with that hunch back with a glass of cocktail in our hands narrating our stories to our grandchildren.

Concomittantly we will the jokers of our life, ending up going on trips together and never letting the child in us die.

“We will be the Jack and Jill to each other forever”


The one who has seen all the 50 shades of your life end

Reminiscing the Good Old Days :)

“DADU – I miss those Good Old Days”

Sometimes  I feel like this world has gone crazy.

This time I just sit under the sky and look up above high to those little stars shinning bright as I know that is where you reside now.

Sit underneath the sky for hours altogether just to talk with you amidst that lightened world as I know you would definitely be lending your ears as you always use to.

Sometimes I wonder if you could take me back to yesterday where you use to just sit by me and teach the line between right and wrong.

Dadu sometimes I just wonder that if you would have been here life would have been so easy-going and mesmerizing at every step.

Oh Dadu, tell me about the good old days once again where everything was so calm and peaceful as  I knew you were around me standing stern like  as shield.

Dadu it feels like it has been ages that i haven’t had a word with you, still that warmth of your hugs is alive within me.

How every second you use to call “Peehu Kaha Hai”… That voice still echoes through me.

Those dark days which use to brighten up by seeing your smile is nonetheless always missed.

Those good old days when I use to crumble and wrap myself around you.

Cry like a baby for hours and hours even when I was 18 and only one person out of thousands definitely knew how to turn my tears into the leap of faith and smile was you.

Those long drives and rides around the city- the mesmerizing view with dadi and you were the best and full of amaze which till date is treasured in my memory box.

I still recall those good old days that how we use to tag along with you so that we could buy some fancy stuff and run away from homework for few hours.

How it was just another reason for you to take us out and grab some ice-cream and gol- gappas from our favourite Adda.

Reviving those good old days when we all just sat by the balcony or veranda and played cards for time bygone and how you gave your hacks of winning the game on which we were always stunned with your mind full of tactics.

Reminiscing the good old days when on one fine day you just got up because of our continuous pampering to teach us how to ride ..you just got ready without an inch of hustle to make us independent at all levels and there we flew like a rider.

How we got hurt but with your continuous boost and your stories you made us forget the pain and we grew up learning.

Memories just flash by with a ray of hope that one day again we get to see you just like our every morning and hug you so tightly without letting you go ever.

Still remember those days when everyone was like MATHS IS SO DIFFICULT and I use to end up crying you made it seem so easy and making sure that I would clear it in one go.

How you use to just sit by me day and night  without counting on your sleep ever.

How you just boosted my morale every single time when I was laid back by just saying “Peehu you will succeed and saying there is no substitute for hard work”.

Those good old days are just being reminisced.

Epitome of supreme confidence and unparalleled love -DADU its you.

Dadu those good old days where Dadi and you always tried to fill the place with warmth and happiness when mumma papa weren’t around.

From taking care of all your duties to loving us unconditionally you have played your role like KING and a QUEEN to the extremities of infinity.

Reliving those good old days how on every occasion may it be birthdays or festivities we use to go to all the elders of the family with a piggy bank in our hands , how everyone gave us less money but Dadi and you use to flood our piggy banks with money.

You are missed on every occasion every second Dadu.

You were the one in the entire creed who believed in me and made me believe in my strength that i would end up succeeding and doing great with those words which ares still induced in me” MUJHE PATA HAI MERI PEEHU KARKE DIKHAEGI”.

You were the one who looked at us like we were magicians when your phone use to hang and we could get it back to working mode.

Dadu those good old days where teaching how to video call and changing your taste buds to eating pizza and to making you forcefully come with us to hotels and in return learning to live life to the fullest and in a simplest manner.

To grabbing how to be patient, to never let go of your own identity, your self respect to be always kept high, we had a shared a long journey and still live by those words induced in us by you with your blessings.

Thank you for th legacy you have left behind for us to cherish and maintain it forever.

Dadu everything has been changing so fast, everyone says it’s a healing process but I just don’t know tears just roll down the cheeks but with a smile on my face that you have gone to better place and showering all your love and blessings upon us.




Acceptance of the ruches beyond us and changing them

At the outset of the wondering power of people of thinking of how the title emerged and why is the writer approaching this particular issue. So let me tell you this is my personal experience which I want to portray and encroach upon for the world to accept what is beyond us and change them.

For a change and over the past decade of my life..I would like to admit and say that how I have seen procrastination levels reaching to an enormous heights. The worst part was how my life got used to the same oblivious negative things and stuck by it which I could never imagine.

In the hindsight when I look back into the past years, it reflects on to me that they have taught me shitloads of things. One of the best things that these years have taught me is that of embracing my solitude, most importantly self-reflection.

I wouldn’t lie anymore as every year starts , the beginning as for everyone even this year I was the most enthusiastic person , having all the ruches , that fire within me to achieve every possible thing which faded away to a great extent. I am sure everyone reading out here would have been through these phases as gruesome as finding yourself as lazy as possible, attached to one place, not wanting to move even a mile , unable to go to it even though you desperately want to. There would be things and moreover that time when you might never anticipate things happening to you but it will. No matter how much you say you are prepared for those hard times and you do every possible endeavour to achieve it , you won’t be able to, because the fact of the matter is that you are never prepared of that hard time. As a matter of fact , stagnancy or ruches are not the things which I am intending to write this blog post. The only reason I intend to share this blog is that at the outset going through the same any individual can come up and correlate to it and as a 21 year old even I am somedays imperative to talk about it.

At the outset, I read a lot of content online about dealing with stress, managing your life better, planning your goals, staying organized and what not. But as an experienced person who has done possibly all of it, I can tell you one thing for certain: it will NEVER help you. there have been an endless number of things that I’ve seen, heard or read. I’m not even kidding. When I realized it myself, it amazed me as well. Just how beautifully I wasted my time on trying to acquire something that was all in there already. Something that’s in-built but you don’t take it for what it’s worth.

This one fine day my dad , my elder brother and I were sitting , where they taught me that what beauty this life has when you start embracing your own self. They taught me how to live my present , don’t hone for what you haven’t seen yet , starts looking into today and make the best of it. And your know what from that day till today, I have started embracing my own self. Started honing to the acceptance of who I am rather then deceiving myself.

And trust me my life has changed drastically from that day. Why? This is because I am no more blaming those externals factors rather my inner demons who were making me into it. I am no more lying to my inner voices.

But fortunately my acceptance of my situation was hard but not difficult. All I could say is it was worth thy for.

Today i see from different perspective , see things for what they are. Even if I am not yet there but for a fact I know , I am learning that skill with each passing day .

There is this one thing which these years definitely brought me to this that the acceptance f the ruches which is silently troubling you is sometimes the best thing to come out of the stangnant zone, as this is the time when you are honest with your own acquaintances. This is the best way and not much to ask for. Right?!

Well at this point the only philosophical lines which reminds me of are that

“When life makes your realize that you are at your devastating stage and everything seems to just stick at one place ; all the doors from which you could evolve seems closed, there is then this positive ray of light which makes everything work”

But yes they have reassurance of that hardships comes only to those who have the capability to rise above, to not sit there doing nothing . It is where I firmly believe that it was never too late to know who you are. Accept the same and make it worthwhile. Nothing fills me with innate happiness with the fact of exploring and knowing who you are with the ruches beyond us.

At this juncture of life where it has taken several turn with immense ups and down making it a lorry, where even the future seems blurry and the past has taught a lot, these powerful thought fills me with innate happiness and satisfaction. This life surely has intense and mysterious ways but it works with all its glory. What would life be if it doesn’t work that way? A straight line ? Its a zig zag puzzle on which we all have to walk and travel our own ways. Trust me that journey is worthwhile . Embrace it and yes accept the ruches beyond you and change them with all your inner self.


To another stroke⚡️

To the words which were stopped being penned down as memories were being made all the time without an inch of knowing that they were not going to last forever and will always become moments to cherish.

Unbelievable day when she started talking to him with an inch of knowing that this guy exists through her common friend. That’s all she knew about him making her believe that such handsome hunks exist and their started an another beautiful story.

All started with the chats which was shared on the group where these three people, two souls who never knew would get attached and the mutual friend. Those group chats became personal chats between those two souls who never knew would become so attached that it would be a beginning of a new era of ‘Friendship’. This magical word took the pace of more than friendship which survived making each other know that they would live by each other’s side.

Indeed it all started to seem as that fairy world where all she knew was him being by her side who had changed her world by making her fall in love once again when she was all shattered and was immersed with the fear of this so called word”love”.

Undoubtedly she denied all the time in spite of all the happy moments they had shared to gave an agreement as to ‘ Yes ‘.

Few days passed by and those talks came down to almost where it was nil .

Her shattering world brought him back as the saviour of her life making her believe that not every man is the same and what had happened in past will be repeated …those chats, days and nights those long calls were just a soothing power of bringing all those moments which she had once lost. He was the man who was a true gentleman in her life , he was someone who made her feel that she can be more better at every step. He supported her and her goals in all inches.He’d listen to her blabber about her studies like it’s the most interesting topic in the world. When she was about to give up and lose her own self , when she was all gone,he was her cheerleader who would keep her motivated whole day .

He was one who use to call her at 2am just to tell her that how much he wanted to hear her.He would text her good morning not because he feels obligated to do so, but because she was the first thing on his mind from the moment he use to wake up and when she knew that person hates sending good morning and good night messages but for her he claimed it and loved doing it.

But every single promise made was just another stroke for her even by him whom she believed more than herself . He made her believe that he would never ever leave and go but what at last he did was asked her to”let’s maintain distance for time being”.

When all those things he did was just another mode of care as he did for everyone, she was also the same according him like others as he claimed the day another stroke was put on her …he had never felt for her but whatever he did was called love ..how could she believe this …that a day changed everything …he bluntly and so easily told he had never considered her more than a friend in spite of being told every time how much he liked her …tell me how difficult it would have been to embrace the fact that the guy whom she had fallen for who once claimed he is never going to leave her and be with her …just spoke those words and left her.?

All he couldn’t understand was that those words for her were like a sword who had just killed her again, shattered her into pieces once more with all the depths she had started to love again made her fall into the crattle.

With all this he knew that she won’t be able to trust and love again because all those past memories will be popping and dancing in her head.

All those fake promises of being with her forever and still walking away ..wasn’t easy for her to take and move ahead and break free.

But at the same time those moments spent with him for however long it was were the best and brought her back to the world full of love making her know it exists and at the same time by leaving her made her more strong and not to trust anyone so easily ever again .

But letter from the survivor of another stroke:

Before you fall in love with the girl who has been broken before …don’t make her false promises of being with her …give her the best shot and make her know you are not going to be another stoker of her life, respect her broken mess as she never wanted to meet that person who would put her back in those shady parts of her life.

But people if you find another stroke trust me get up once again and survive your best with all those burnt sashes giving immense courage to you to grow up..make yourself believe that you survived another turmoil as even this turmoil of him loving you at certain point made you believe in yourself..thank him for for making an effort that stretches far beyond the bouquet of mixed emotions, for making you smile and bringing you back from those hangs of your life..thank him for atleast teaching him to be courageous and bringing out the more fearless woman who can survive her ages on own.

You are brave , you will get up and surpass this turmoil by getting yourself back in life ..trust in yourself not others.

Trusting others is the biggest lie , trusting yourself is the immense truth and strength.

Unplanned memories❤️

It was in the dark shades we started to create memories revealing each other’s dark nights to make them brighter days..

When the days started blooming up making thousands of promises we knew each other more and more …and turning those moments also into relishing memories and those were the memories which are  endless treasures, which we can keep exploring till eternity and bask in their glory forever  like a slow swinging hammock!

Bringing in the bottle of happiness they both turned their upsides downs in a positive vibes swirling in like happy faces …we have millions of memories may it be sweet or bitter carrying a lesson for us ,making our future more better and best and making us zeal img our life. This is something we can completely get immersed the moment they start pouring out carrying with it thousands of emotions .Heartwarming memories, some sweet, some bitter and vivid, long-lasting and precious…unforgettable fond memories, keep on haunting  us if we happen to be sensitive as they have a profound connection with our emotions.Some memories are such Tht they stand before us with extended arms, ready to embrace us lovinglyamd effiviently …the first crush, those hands ensconced into each other’s, those amorous glances…that walk in the rain, huddling together…the touch of your new born child, the most precious possession…myriad such moments are stored effortlessly in the mind’s eye.
Happy memories yearn for those times to return, resist and resent change. They are something which never get faded away …they’lol be there as a backbone always surviving in the deepest corner of your heart.Memories are like roses of various hues in their raw form, thorns are the natural attachments unless we scratch them away. Embracing all the shades and tones and learning from each one of them makes me go crazy and making myself more into it. They are not just memories but timeless treasures which is always there for you no matter what. Though you have the most difficult times of your life but these little memories can make you live happily cherishing forever. From my personal perception there have been various incident when life didn’t supported me with people forever , there were time when some people promised to be together and forever but than they never did…amidst this there was a spark hidden saying “I am always there to make you smile” and that was nothing but “Treasured Memories”. Guys life is full of unhappy ace pains but fuck the stupidity out of it and make yourself believe that you have “Unplanned memories”.

” Live happily and treasure all the memories blooming in as beauty “

Two souls❤️

When the shades came down floating among the oceans …their arose two souls who were different in their own kind!

There are those who fall in love so deep that their very being becomes that love – no more, no less – but these people know their love had to be much more than just love. It wasn’t just love of two lovers who become so infatuated, so enthralled in each others very existence that the world could end and nothing else would matter but them, just them. Love is wonder struck when I see people putting their heart literally pouring everything what they have for each other…!Love is a meeting of two souls, fully accepting the dark and the light within each other, bound by the courage to grow through struggle into complete bliss. It ain’t that easy wht people say that love happens …it takes lot of courage to grow upon it and continue forever as it comes with many challenges with it…All my life I have heard Shakespeare’s famous quote, “Love is blind,” but as I grow older and view the culture and society around me, I am beginning to wonder just how much truth there is to this saying. It seems like today love is determined by the conditions that society puts on it. People of certain religions, races, status, or amount of wealth should not be together by some of society’s standards… If love was truly blind, would any of these things matter? To answer all these yes love is blind accompanied with hurdles ….!

It was bliss when he was with her…everything seemed heaven …it was and will be a shelter forever for her though nothing remained same after ages. It all started when the two souls saw each other amidst the wonderland and promised to create thousands of memories together …those years still enchanting as their habits became routine for each other which would never let fall off…it was love beyond limits ,apar the horizons which sets an example for the love birds. It was their love story which is a wonder work for all the love birds…! Love was and will be a landmark in each everyone’s life. It so happened that love became their destiny which changed every stuff of the two souls who will never depart .When two souls fall in love, there is nothing else but a yearning to be close to one another .The presence that is through a hand held, a voice heard, or a smile seen everyday every second. As souls do not have calendars or clocks, nor do they understand the notion of time or distance, the thing They  only know is feeling of being with one another. This is the reason as to why you miss someone so much that you can’t long to stay apar for a Mili second . Two souls are one heart that beats together…they are two individuals with one souls who can talk to each other about anything and everything and knows that they won’t hold any judgement. They are the ones who knows darkest parts of each other …knows the follies of each other  and still love you the same way …n the best of all is when you are in your worst times both will together put the pieces back …this is what true and real love is all about!

 Two souls feel each other’s presence everywhere and every second…its not about being loved and being with each other every second every hour …is about being with each other mentally yearning and leaning for memories and memories! 

“Two souls one heart that beats for each other is eternal bliss”

Portrayal -Myself❤️

With an incertitude of percept brings me to this point to pen down about myself..which is indeed the most difficult task to portray your own picture with thousands of reminders striking your way . Believe me writing thousands of precepts ,articles and essays etc.was never so difficult for me but when it comes to portrayal of your own…it is one of the major task tumbling down my way!

A girl setting her passion all above, clinching to achieve heights with great zeal of determination and fire to make it happen….I am a human being who is the hurricane setting fire to the forests at night when no one else is awake…however you wish to see it ,watch or hear it,listen…I live in my own flames of happiness and multitude of joy,sometimes burning too bright and too wild to make things last forever and handle myself or anyone else and so this is how I run run and run fast and wide without any fear of gentry until my bones ache and lungs split . Making this happen feels so satisfied and happy as ‘I am the slave and ruler of my own self of which I am pleased and overwhelmed.’

In this huge world full of sorrows and joy,if you find an incertitude to express and potray yourself….than wake up sid n make it happen. Sometimes in life it is best to take a step back and look at the big picture of your own self. With all the demands and commitments that life puts on a person it is very common to lose the very essence of your ‘own’,whether it’s your personal life, academic or professional life….you might be wondering as to why did I mention these stuff? Answer to this is what I am going to speak relating to my own self….looking at the freshman years ,my life was like a cityscape ,busy and vibrant full of colors . I was just another young eager soul to meet life’s challenges  with palette of interests . Truly drawn, “challenges makes woes” and true that failure cum challenges made my life…Among these I was coupled with multitude of failure which was far appalling for me to bare but than this was the time I grew up with maturity and decided to scrap the old canvas and begin anew. Failures teaches you a lesson with the opening of various horizons on your way and this is what led me to newfound interests and talents that becomes a mark of my life. To balance the colours within my potrait with the controls was always known to me and that only made things easier for me to gain over and have an upper hand. I proudly and vividly have reached certain goals that defined the student of field and fraternity I wanted to be and always belong to…dreams were turned into reality when I got my name as a ‘student of law’ in my esteemed college. Among this busy canvas ,life’s commitments ,personal accordance ,friends ,family and hobbies and passion coupled with the taste of happy and bitter things became and actually are the artist of my life with different colors of strokes getting widened and stretched day by day.

Stepping back and looking at the big picture of mine …how it taught me to make life’s decisions whether small or big that were best for me and not for those around me is what gives me ample of pleasure. I am a person who created a picture which to me is a masterpiece even if others see it as  painted colors. This I all how I could pen down to potray myself in this piece of art. The emergence of “your own self” is a lifelong work in progress as we are always adding colors,dimension and interests as we grow with pace. Whether you choose to create your own canvas as a cityscape,a peaceful art, a serene nature etc. ,be sure to be the artist that defines the colors of your ‘Me’.

“I am enough ,full of sparkles and compassion who genuinely wants a change practicing kindness and loving people hard. I am a girl, woman and moreover a human being entangled with many flaws beneath me ,but I am not afraid of them as I own them and learn from them with great zeal”